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This Christmas when I ordered our country hams from my kissin’ cousin, Nancy Newsom Mahaffey, at Newsom’s Country Store in Princeton, Kentucky (www.newsomscountryham.com) I thought to add some bacon to the order.  And, boy am I glad I did.  This is old-time bacon at its best; smoky, just enough fat, no sugary stick to the pan, and not an ounce of shrinkage when fried.  All the meats from Newsom’s are done in the traditional manner and the taste sure shows.  If I were you, I’d get my order in today.  And, when a holiday approaches, try Col. Bill Newsom’s Country Ham – there is nothing that says “celebration” like these beautiful hams at the center of the table.  (You can see one of our holiday hams in our most recent book, An American Family Cooks, Welcome Books, 2013 and available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most independent book stores.)


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My only real bargain buying is a whole pork loin.  Whenever I can, I will purchase the whole piece on sale and then break it down for many, many future meals.  Steve loves to photograph me as I twist and turn and pull and slice removing all of the fat and trimming it down to manageable pieces.  I usually end up with a couple of small roasts for company dinners (which, after spending all this time removing the outer layer of fat, I always recover in some kind of fatty meat like bacon), a good number of skinless, boneless, fatless cutlets (just so you know I’m promoting a healthy life style), and lots of trimmings which make a great addition to fried rice, light-on-the-protein stir-fries, or ground for sausage making.  I never pay more than about $13- so you see this really becomes a big bargain in the protein world.



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Years ago when I had a 9 to 5 job, lunch time was our fun time.  Since I was known as “the big boss,” I often got to decide what lunch would be.  I had never been a sandwich lover so I usually chose a foray out to an Italian restaurant or a trip to the local Mexican fiesta, but occasionally I would opt for a quick hop downstairs to see Teddy who owned the little Greek diner on 43rd Street and made the best Egg Salad BLT in the world.  It was piled high with freshly made dill-infused egg salad and then mounded with crisp bacon, Jersey tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce.  If I still ate eggs, it would remain my most favorite sandwich, but, since I am not allowed that indulgence (nor should I be eating bacon) my summer-time favorite sandwich – which we are happy to have for dinner – is an old fashioned BLT – slattered with homemade mayo, slices of juicy farmers market tomatoes and slightly bitter garden lettuce all topped with bacon from Oscar’s Smokehouse “www.oscarssmokedmeats.com”  in Warrensburg, New York.

Steve, on the other hand, loves sandwiches and often has one for breakfast.  Sometimes I pile it high with leftover grilled veggies and some bits and pieces of cheese or meat or sometimes just veggies and often it is just mozzarella, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette on a baguette.  He particularly loves a muffaletta-style mix on a roll with pickled vegetables, cheeses, and, sometimes, meats which Steve Kolyer has painted for his year-long enjoyment.















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