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On our recent trip to San Francisco during a Saturday visit to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market I discovered what the farmer called a “cherimoya” but what I have known as a sugar apple or a soursop.  When I went hunting on the internet, the cherimoya looked more like an antemoya, but I don’t think it really matters “cause they are probably versions of one thing and are all probably just as delicious as the soursop and sugar apples I have come to love on our visits to the Caribbean.  I don’t much know what you do with them other than eat the flesh as I do, carefully spitting out the toxic seeds or scrape the flesh into a freezer container, freeze it, and eat it like ice cream.  The texture is soft and custard-like, the aroma perfumey, and the flavor is so, so delicious – a combination of banana, pineapple, lime, and something not quite ready to identify itself on your tongue.




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