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Yesterday I purchased a package of chicken breast halves (among other things) to do some dishes that Steve needed to photograph for a client.  I have been complaining for months about the humongous size of commercially-raised chickens, but these breasts took the cake.  I yelled for Steve to come to the kitchen with his camera.  I got the yardstick and placed it just above the first breast half I had pulled from the package.  You can see just how gigantic it is.  I would say it is almost the size that a turkey breast was when I was a child (granted, that was a long time ago, but….).  I was almost stuck dumb!  I can only hope that my posting this photo will further raise concern about the use of growth hormones and whatever else is being done to raise chickens of such magnitude.  These just can’t be good for us.  I know organic, locally- and humanely-raised birds are expensive, but either we start eating them or whatever they are doing to commercially-raised birds is going to start to eat us!

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