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On our recent trip to San Francisco during a Saturday visit to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market I discovered what the farmer called a “cherimoya” but what I have known as a sugar apple or a soursop.  When I went hunting on the internet, the cherimoya looked more like an antemoya, but I don’t think it really matters “cause they are probably versions of one thing and are all probably just as delicious as the soursop and sugar apples I have come to love on our visits to the Caribbean.  I don’t much know what you do with them other than eat the flesh as I do, carefully spitting out the toxic seeds or scrape the flesh into a freezer container, freeze it, and eat it like ice cream.  The texture is soft and custard-like, the aroma perfumey, and the flavor is so, so delicious – a combination of banana, pineapple, lime, and something not quite ready to identify itself on your tongue.




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Whenever we visit San Francisco (which is pretty often), we always hit the Mission for tacos and burritos, shop ‘til we drop at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, grab a quick crab lunch at Swan’s, and have at least one dinner at either of Shelley Lindgren’s restaurants, A16 ( http://www.a16sf.com) or SPQR (www.spqrsf.com).  This last visit we hit both – A16 for pizza just before we caught our plane back to NYC and SPQR for brunch with our delicious granddaughter, Canada.  You can see how much we loved our fried green tomato appetizer by the hugs Canada and I are giving each other – well, we do love each other, too.  SPQR was a special treat as the chef, Matthew Accarrino, is a young guy who began his career with my old buddy, Charlie Palmer, at Aureole in New York.  Just feels as though I have an extended family of cooks spreading great food all across the country.  When you visit San Francisco do put these restaurants on your must-go-to list – you will eat well and be welcomed with exceptional warmth and hospitality.


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