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There is nothing I admire more than female entrepreneurship and in Antonella Zangheri I have found the ideal.  “Anto” can do just about anything – photograph fashion, cook, remodel apartments – you name it and she will tackle it, supremely well.  Her current achievement is the creation of Krumville Bake Shop (www.krumvillebakeshop.com) , an artisanal gluten-free bakery – all goods hand-crafted with local ingredients.  All because, after a couple of years of feeling lousy, she discovered that she had celiac disease (www.celiac.org) and went about learning how to make delicious meals without any gluten content.   She now sells her “inventive focaccie, cookies, and sweets that celebrate her rich culinary Italian and Dutch upbringing” online, at Smorgaburg in Brooklyn, New York, and at various coffee bars and sweet spots around New York City.  Let me tell you her products are far better than many conventional treats now on the market – if you can, give them a try.


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