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Recently I bought an expensive bunch of baby fennel at the greenmarket and when I got it home had no idea what to do with it as the bunch was comprised of lots of fennel fronds and almost no bulbs – as you can see from the photo. I chopped the fronds and froze them for future flavoring of soups and stews. I trimmed off the root and was left with about a handful of nowhere-near-large-enough-to-do-anything- with bulbs. That led me to ponder why eager farmers often pick some things too early and busy farmers pick others too late, such as this “unborn” fennel and those 2-foot long seedy, spongy zucchini seen in late August. Anyway, I finally decided to make a stir-fry with chicken, fennel, leeks, and red bell pepper. I threw in some of the fronds for added flavor ‘cause those babies didn’t carry much. Was the dish worthy of the expense – absolutely not. Would I buy those little guys again – of course I would just because maybe next time I’ll think of something really interesting to do with them.



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            Last summer I picked up some dragon tongue beans at the farmers market after the farmer told me that they were the best beans he had ever tasted.  I bought a pound or so and you know what, they were also the most flavorful beans I had ever experienced.  But, I also forgot about them until I saw them last week at the Barryville Farmers Market.  I immediately bought a couple of pounds.  The first round was simply steamed to garnish a Niçoise salad on a hot summer night, but then the last few handfuls were sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with ½ cup of diced pancetta and a couple of cloves of minced garlic.  They were so delicious and meaty they would have satisfied me as my main course.



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