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Avocado Toast

In the last few years we have somehow become best buddies with quite a few Australians who along with great friendship have introduced us to their favorite breakfast, avocado toast and a flat white. Avocado toast became an immediate choice for me as my most memorable childhood treat was mashed avocado on a saltine and avocado toast is about as close a relative of that simple snack as you can get. For the easiest version you toast some great bread – I like to do ciabatta or baguette on the grill pan – and then simply slice some avocado over the top, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and sprinkle on some sea salt. There are other versions calling for mashed avocado seasoned with chilies or dukka (also spelled duqqa), an Egyptian spice mix comprised of ground spices, nuts, and herbs or with Mexican seasonings and chopped cilantro. Lots of New York restaurants are now featuring unusual “cheffy” versions and you can find any number of interesting takes on this simple and quite healthy breakfast on the web and in food magazines.

And should you want to do the whole Aussie breakfast, a flat white is a coffee similar to an Italian cortado, but the milk is softer and thicker and the coffee flavor more pronounced than it is in any of the milky Italian espresso beverages. I think that Starbucks now features a flat white which gives you a further sense of the Australian influence in our culture.

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Steve was longing for a “different” breakfast – something other than our daily granola, yogurt, and fruit.  I had picked up some big slices of freshly baked ham – something I never buy and can’t tell you why I felt the urge – at Fairway and here was my opportunity to use it.  What better for breakfast than that old Dr. Seuss favorite, green eggs and….

Grilled a slice of ham in my stovetop grill pan and scrambled up 2 farm fresh brown  eggs with a healthy dose of chopped flat leaf parsley and seasoned them well with salt and pepper.  Threw a couple of slices of whole wheat toast on the plate and waited for the kudos to come.  And they did with a clean plate returned to the kitchen.

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