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It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last blog post.  I don’t exactly know why I stopped. Maybe I felt I had run out of things to say. Maybe I just got lazy.  Maybe I wondered if I had been at it so long that I couldn’t write another recipe that was interesting.  But if I really wanted to speak the truth I think that after I lost my oldest son to lung cancer, my heart just wasn’t interested in doing too much of anything other than watching my grandchildren grow up, particularly our youngest granddaughter who is 15 years younger than our middle granddaughter. Watching her as she celebrates her birthdays gives us one more chance to feel the joy of watching a little one grow up to be an amazing adult.

One day last week the thought came to me that I’d like to be back at it.  So here I am.  I hope that I have a little stick-to-it still in my bones and that I will keep writing recipes for years to come.  More than anything, I would love to hear from you if you come across the blog. I would love to hear about the foods you enjoy, favorite recipes, and, of course, tell me if you enjoy the blog or even if you hate it.  If the latter I’ll try to do a better job.


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For a number of years my wonderful husband and in-house photographer has been photographing sunflowers.  He seems to see them in a different light than most others and catches them from every angle.  The other morning I saw him gather up his camera and head to the living room where a bunch of sunflowers were slowly passing their brighter days near a window (gated from the old days of New York’s breaking and entering days of crime).  When he looked at the results he said “Doesn’t it remind you of a child looking longingly out to the street?”   Perhaps the sunflower was looking back at its days of freedom in the field – who knows.

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