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It’s almost here!  The autumnal equinox arrives on September 22nd.  As we here in the eastern United States prepare for the coming winter, the mighty oaks are dropping their acorns insuring that the squirrels and other small nut-eating creatures will eat well as snow covers the ground and that mighty oaks will be producing acorns for future generations.  In the country, acorns are gathered for sowing throughout the land – in fact, our buddy Doug is now Johnny Acorn as he gathers his stash for fall planting.  We haven’t told him that the squirrels will probably dig them up as fast as he gets them in the ground.


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Well, here it is again – another fall.  For the first time in years I say “Hallelulah” just ‘cause we had too many really miserable hot and humid days this summer.  In New York City, the crisp fall air just seems to bring the city alive.  When I first arrived here on a cool September day over 50 years ago, I was completely taken by the sweet aroma of roasting chestnuts that permeated the air.  Vendors still roast them on street corners and sell them hot from the grate in small paper bags.  When you smell them, you know fall has arrived.  Warm chestnuts and a farm fresh apple – umm umm – welcome fall!

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