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My sons are always teasing me about my “cronies” – they insist that there is no passerby that I don’t consider a friend.  That’s not exactly true, but I do love people and I particularly love children.  Recently Steve and I have had the great fortune to have some little ones come into our lives and one of my favorites is 8 year old Bennett who lives down the block.  His mom, Deena, saw my blog posting about pizza on the grill and somehow got me to agree to amble down the street and make pizza on her backyard grill (an unusual opportunity in NYC).  Bennett was excited to host a “pizza party” in his backyard and his excitement made the evening.  I’m not sure that he loved my pizza, but for the evening he loved me enough to share his dessert package of Twinkies with me – a taste thrill that I had not experienced in, at the least, 60 years.



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Even though we make pizza in our ordinary gas oven in the winter, it pales next to those we put together on the grill in the summer.  You can read about them and learn to make the dough in a post of July 13, 2010, but here are a couple of photos that should inspire you to make pizza on the grill part of your summer routine.  One features the grilled veggies and one is a plain old pizza margarita, still my favorite.  Earlier in the summer we made a spectacular pizza with fresh figs, honey, and creamy goat cheese – it could have been dessert.


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