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My only real bargain buying is a whole pork loin.  Whenever I can, I will purchase the whole piece on sale and then break it down for many, many future meals.  Steve loves to photograph me as I twist and turn and pull and slice removing all of the fat and trimming it down to manageable pieces.  I usually end up with a couple of small roasts for company dinners (which, after spending all this time removing the outer layer of fat, I always recover in some kind of fatty meat like bacon), a good number of skinless, boneless, fatless cutlets (just so you know I’m promoting a healthy life style), and lots of trimmings which make a great addition to fried rice, light-on-the-protein stir-fries, or ground for sausage making.  I never pay more than about $13- so you see this really becomes a big bargain in the protein world.



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