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Summer Luch


Although I am a proponent of early dinners, sometimes we switch over to a late lunch. Either way, it’s just breakfast and one another main meal that gets us through the day. If I’ve been clever enough to make some extra protein in another dinner, putting together the late lunch is a snap. And, that’s exactly what prompted this healthy and quite tasty summer salad lunch. I had made an extra pork tenderloin – nothing fancy, just a little seasoned rub – earlier in the week. I took all of the odds and ends of leftover vegetables and herbs I found in the fridge – some already cooked and some just a handful of raw waiting to make their magic – broad beans, corn, a bit of red bell pepper, a few favas, scallions, and only God knows what else – I heated the mix with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Drizzled the warm vegetables with a bit of lemon juice and then turned the mix into a bed for the sliced tenderloin.   Couldn’t have been better if I was cooking from a recipe.

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I’m on an interesting veggie roll – from puntarelle we go to baby red oca yams, also called New Zealand yams.  I had seen them around for awhile but had not tried them.  I was making a pork tenderloin the other afternoon and decided it would be the perfect protein to match with the little yams.  (A bit of arrogance on my part since I had no idea what they would taste like!)

The photo will give a better description that I can.  They are sweet little tubers that, when roasted, were kinda mushy like a baked sweet potato but quite a bit sweeter than the more common cousin.  They were not inexpensive so I’m not sure they going to be my go-to replacement for a good, old-fashioned baked sweet ‘tater, but they were tasty.  Next time, I think I might try them raw in a salad or as an hors d’ sprinkled with sea salt and lime juice.

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