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I think that oysters are the one food that most people take a long time to come around to liking.   Their looks impede the progress, I think, although I find the shells quite beautiful.  They are also one of those foods that get you to wondering about the first person who had the smarts to figure out that there was something delicious inside that shell.  I’ll bet the first taste-tester was an otter, a raccoon, or some primitive relative of either of them.  Then, humans saw the clever creature slurping up the sweet-salty mollusk and, as they say, culinary history was made.
On our annual Provincetown run, raw oysters are on the menu every night – usually with a glass of champagne or prosecco.  We never tire of them.  Sometimes I make a mignonette – the classic French dipping sauce – but usually we simply eat them “au naturelle” because they are so fresh, so saline, so sweet, so meaty that they need nothing to accent their almost indefinable taste.   Either way, if you are not an oyster lover, I encourage you to close your eyes and lift one to your lips – give a quick slurp and enjoy the wonderfully sensual taste and texture of a perfectly fresh oyster on your palate.  You will become a convert!

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