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I know I disappeared once before and then promised to do better about keeping my blogging moving ahead.  Then, it just seemed as though there was so much information and so many recipes and food talk online that what I had to add didn’t seem necessary.  So, once again, I shut down.  However, through this past year or so, friends kept asking me to return to the blog.  When I would ask why, the general answers seemed to be about the same – your recipes are easy, your comments light and comforting to novice cooks and fun to read.  Even those great cooks told me that they enjoyed my banter as much as they enjoyed seeing what I was cooking and why I was cooking.  All that to say as the pandemic is raging across the world, I’m back.  And, I dearly hope, here to receive plenty of comments from all of you who take the time to read my ramblings.  It’s you who make this all worth doing.

Here is a “Welcome Back” photo from my dear husband, photographer Steve Pool.  You can visit his work on his website www.stevepool.net – his show this past October was a sold-out event.  It features Sausage Rolls, a specialty of my dear friend, Stuart Clarke, and was taken at my December DeGustibus at Macy’s Cooking School class


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We are so excited about the reception our new book, An American Family Cooks, has received .  Just this past week we were featured on Amazon as one of the top selects for Thanksgiving cooking.  For cooks, recipes seem to be inviting and for readers, the stories entertain.  If you haven’t seen it, Amazon or Welcome Books (www.welcomebooks.com) are great places to read a bit about it and, should you desire, order your very own copy.

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Sometimes when I am shopping in the farmers market everything looks so inviting that I can’t decide what to buy.  All of the little summer squashes looked at the peak of perfection which made it impossible to select just one type.  So I decided to buy one of each and put them all together in the pot.  When I got home I sautéed some sweet onion (from a new crop) and garlic in extra virgin olive oil.  When the onion was sweet and soft, I added the sliced summer squash – green, yellow, and a little of both – along with some cherry tomatoes.  I let them simmer for about 15 or 20 minutes or until soft and juicy, but not mushy.  I had a perfect side dish, a toss-in for pasta, and a take along cold lunch all in one.

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