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My dear husband (who couldn’t even fry an egg if his life depended upon it) has for years coveted a tomato knife.  Well, the tomato knife fairy landed in our house and presented him with his very own signature knife and then he refused to use it.  He didn’t want to get it dirty!!!!!  So I did and, of course, Steve had to document me dirtying up his new toy while cutting lovely neat slices of a hot house tomato for sandwiches and delicate and oh! so sweet little Kumato tomatoes quartered for salad.  He quickly washed it clean and stored it in his hidden spot.  I now have to ask to borrow it when tomatoes are on the menu!



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Years ago when I had a 9 to 5 job, lunch time was our fun time.  Since I was known as “the big boss,” I often got to decide what lunch would be.  I had never been a sandwich lover so I usually chose a foray out to an Italian restaurant or a trip to the local Mexican fiesta, but occasionally I would opt for a quick hop downstairs to see Teddy who owned the little Greek diner on 43rd Street and made the best Egg Salad BLT in the world.  It was piled high with freshly made dill-infused egg salad and then mounded with crisp bacon, Jersey tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce.  If I still ate eggs, it would remain my most favorite sandwich, but, since I am not allowed that indulgence (nor should I be eating bacon) my summer-time favorite sandwich – which we are happy to have for dinner – is an old fashioned BLT – slattered with homemade mayo, slices of juicy farmers market tomatoes and slightly bitter garden lettuce all topped with bacon from Oscar’s Smokehouse “www.oscarssmokedmeats.com”  in Warrensburg, New York.

Steve, on the other hand, loves sandwiches and often has one for breakfast.  Sometimes I pile it high with leftover grilled veggies and some bits and pieces of cheese or meat or sometimes just veggies and often it is just mozzarella, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette on a baguette.  He particularly loves a muffaletta-style mix on a roll with pickled vegetables, cheeses, and, sometimes, meats which Steve Kolyer has painted for his year-long enjoyment.















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