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I was cleaning out the fridge the other day and came upon a couple of bunches of scallions.  They really are the unsung heroes of the kitchen.  Whole scallions laid out in the hot grill pan and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, citrus zest, and sea salt make a tasty side dish for grilled meats and poultry.  Chopped scallions can be the lovely garnish for any number of things and add just the gentlest hint of freshness when mixed into potato or rice dishes.  I always try to keep them on hand but, sometimes I forget about them and find them shriveled and dying it the back of the bin.  Then, I have to apologize to the kitchen Gods for wasting food.  Often, I will just put them in a little glass vase on the table to enjoy their greenery which Steve has captured in this photo.

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