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You either love ‘em or hate ‘em – I’ve found there is no in-between.  We happen to be a family that loves them.  Steve and I have just returned from our annual fall visit to Provincetown where oysters are on the menu every day.  Always on the half shell – never fancied up.  No mignonette, no lemon, no dippin’ or drizzlin’ at all – we just slurp them right from the shell.  This year they were particularly salty/sweet and very plump.  I don’t offer a recipe ‘cause, for us, only nature can provide the perfect dish – just some photos so you can enjoy our feasts just a bit.  And, along with the oysters, Steve shares a snap of Lynn’s (our vacationing buddy) found beach treasures.  The little starfish seemed to be everywhere on the beach – some struggling to make it back to the water and some for whom it was too late to make the dash.



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