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My dear husband (who couldn’t even fry an egg if his life depended upon it) has for years coveted a tomato knife.  Well, the tomato knife fairy landed in our house and presented him with his very own signature knife and then he refused to use it.  He didn’t want to get it dirty!!!!!  So I did and, of course, Steve had to document me dirtying up his new toy while cutting lovely neat slices of a hot house tomato for sandwiches and delicate and oh! so sweet little Kumato tomatoes quartered for salad.  He quickly washed it clean and stored it in his hidden spot.  I now have to ask to borrow it when tomatoes are on the menu!




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For a number of years my wonderful husband and in-house photographer has been photographing sunflowers.  He seems to see them in a different light than most others and catches them from every angle.  The other morning I saw him gather up his camera and head to the living room where a bunch of sunflowers were slowly passing their brighter days near a window (gated from the old days of New York’s breaking and entering days of crime).  When he looked at the results he said “Doesn’t it remind you of a child looking longingly out to the street?”   Perhaps the sunflower was looking back at its days of freedom in the field – who knows.

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Lately I seem to be on a bok choy kick, but who could resist this absolutely flowery bunch of purple bok choy that found its way into the kitchen?   I was going to incorporate it into some fried rice but decided it was just too pretty to not stand on its own.  So, I cut it into pieces and quickly sautéed it in a bit of grapeseed oil and butter, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and cooked it just until it wilted.  I added a good measure of ponzu sauce that I found in the fridge, gave it a toss, and served it up as a side to soft shell crab sandwiches we had made from our leftovers.  A simple, easy, and very tasty dish.

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