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While in California with its wonderful farmer’s markets I was shocked to still see strawberries in late August.  We bought a couple of containers and they were so sweet and delicious that I decided to make some jam like my mom did.  We bought a flat – 12 containers – and I did just as she did.  Washed and stemmed each berry, threw them in a pot with the zest and juice of 1 lemon and probably about a cup or so of sugar.  Simply put the pot on the stove to simmer away just until the mixture was thick and jammy.  No pectin and just a trace of sugar.  I loved the result as you could taste the essence of the berries without the overload of sweetness from cups of sugar.  Unfortunately, this can only be done when the fruit is perfect, just as these late season berries were.

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At the local farmers market, pints of Jersey strawberries were featured at $5.00 each which I thought a wee bit pricey.  But, at the local actual farm market in Schoharie, New York yesterday, mammouth, perfectly ripe, deep red, juicy berries were $5.00 a quart so, of course, I bought more than I can possibly use ‘cause I was getting a bargain.  I’ve done absolutely nothing with them except give them a cold wash and left them out on the table for us to snack on all day long.  At the rate we’re going, they’ll be gone by this afternoon.

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