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The other day Steve, my photographer husband, had to shoot some rhubarb for a client. Since winter was still in the air, I wasn’t sure that I could find it. But, lo and behold, I found bright pink stalks stacked up at my local Whole Foods. Once he photographed it, I couldn’t let it go to waste. So, what does rhubarb say to me? Spring! Strawberries! Pie! But there really has been no sign of spring here in New York City – as March stilled its winds we still had snow in the air.

Besides, I really didn’t have enough rhubarb or strawberries to make anything significant. I cut what I did have into small pieces, added maybe a cup of sugar, a tablespoon or so of lemon juice, and grated a bit of fresh ginger into the mix. I popped it on the stove while we ate dinner and ended up with a lovely 10 ounce jar of rhubarb/strawberry compote that will be delicious over ice cream or yogurt, drizzled on roast pork or even on a slice of whole grain toast. But, most of all I had a taste of spring!

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You can’t tell from looking at this photo, but here we have the most old-fashioned pie I can think to make in the spring – strawberry-rhubarb.  I only make it when rhubarb is fresh from the yard of my best buddy, Bee.  Her one gigantic plant yields enough rhubarb for quite a few pies and lots of jars of jam.  Steve took the photo of the pie just as it came out of the oven and then we forgot to take another photo once we cut a slice.  It was just so good we ate before we thought!  Will try to do better next time.


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Ramps herald it, but rhubarb really lets you know that spring has sprung.  Here you see me with my first batch of the season.  Although I have big plans for rhubarb chutney and strawberry-rhubarb jam, the first order of business is pie.  I had cut enough that we had rhubarb pie one night and strawberry-rhubarb cobbler the next.  For the pie, check my post of February 28, 2011 for the pastry recipe.  The filling is sliced rhubarb, a bit of grated fresh ginger, a sprinkling of ground cinnamon, a cup of sugar, and about ¼ cup of instant tapioca.  My lattice-top was a little wonky as I was speeding to get out to enjoy the last bit of warm spring sun with my glass of rosé.


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