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©Stephen Kolyer_pie

There’s not much to say about peach pie except that when summer comes in and peaches are lush and ripe, there is nothing better than a homemade peach pie.  My son, Mickey, makes a mean pie and when we popped in for a little 4th of July barbecue, peach pie was the starred dessert.  His best pal, Steve Kolyer, our esteemed artist, conjured up his idea of the perfect peach pie so we share both the real and the imagined with you.


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©Stephen Kolyer_strawberry

You can’t tell from looking at this photo, but here we have the most old-fashioned pie I can think to make in the spring – strawberry-rhubarb.  I only make it when rhubarb is fresh from the yard of my best buddy, Bee.  Her one gigantic plant yields enough rhubarb for quite a few pies and lots of jars of jam.  Steve took the photo of the pie just as it came out of the oven and then we forgot to take another photo once we cut a slice.  It was just so good we ate before we thought!  Will try to do better next time.


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