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Why does summer have to end?  Just as it begins to wane the days get sleepier, the air a bit cooler, the nights great for sleeping, and the garden is bursting with goodness.  Yet, sadly, the flowers fade, the grill gets used less often, and the trees lose their verdant greenery.  But, if it didn’t end, we wouldn’t experience that feeling of joy and abandon when it returns.  After all this waxing poetically about it ending, I really will be glad to see the fly paper go!



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All summer I try to keep sunflowers in the house – they are Steve’s favorites.  So much so that a few years ago he had a photo show featuring them in many guises.  Here is a photo of the happy flowers just in from the farm.  Don’t sunflowers always make you smile?

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For a number of years my wonderful husband and in-house photographer has been photographing sunflowers.  He seems to see them in a different light than most others and catches them from every angle.  The other morning I saw him gather up his camera and head to the living room where a bunch of sunflowers were slowly passing their brighter days near a window (gated from the old days of New York’s breaking and entering days of crime).  When he looked at the results he said “Doesn’t it remind you of a child looking longingly out to the street?”   Perhaps the sunflower was looking back at its days of freedom in the field – who knows.

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