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If you’ve followed my ramblings for awhile you know that raw tomato sauce (see my post of September 27, 2010) is a household summertime favorite.  When we were in the country this past week and the first light frost had hit, I picked up as many plum (Roma) tomatoes that I could to make raw tomato sauce for the evening’s dinner as well as to put some in the freezer for a winter’s day.  It won’t be raw anymore, but it will still remind us of our summer’s love.  Here is the one last bite of the nite’s dinner of raw tomato sauce on some dense and yummy imported Italian dried spaghetti along with a photo of the not-so-desirable morning-after-frost pickings at Parson’s Farm in Sharon Springs, New York.  So sad to see all of those dying tomatoes!  Fall is truly here!



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Although we love our grilled veggies, some just don’t quite make grilling easy.  They drop through the grates, fall apart before they are nicely charred, or char so quickly that they burn before they are done.  I had a lovely bunch of  sweet tomatoes that I hoodwinked on the grill.  Put them in a little cast iron skillet, added some extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper, and placed the pan directly on the hot grill.  In no time, they absorbed the flavor of the grill and yet they kept their shape and made a perfect side dish to some grilled ribs.

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