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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we all thought that Halloween would be cancelled, but our neighborhood home-owners didn’t allow that to happen.  Pumpkins, carved and whole, in windows or on stoops lit the way along with pots of chrysanthemums and mounds of gourds decorating  houses and apartment buildings.  Witches flew from brownstone windows and bats fluttered in the almost leafless trees.  Little ones dressed in cuddly costumes and bigger ones in scary makeup went trick or treating up and down the avenues.  Halloween very definitely happened!





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The quiet on my blog has been due to my hiding out on Cape Cod for 2 weeks and then unexpectedly being quieted upon our return by the advent of a terrible storm.  We had some days of warning but no one expected the devastation that followed the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  In our neighborhood we had little stress with the exception of the loss of many beautiful old trees in Central Park and around the Museum of Natural History, some torn awnings, and a few broken windows.  Minor inconveniences and deep sadness for our tree loss, but no lives or homes lost.  This is, of course, not the case for other parts of New York City and surrounding counties and in many parts of New Jersey.  We keep only good thoughts for the recovery of our wonderful city – New Yorkers do bounce back!  And I’m sure everyone joins us in sending healing energy to those families and cities who have lost so much.



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